The legal stuff - Cookie policy


Like most of the rest of the internet uses cookies.

Cookies are small text files that store bits of information in your browser - very much like 'sticky-notes'. Your browser will only permit our website to read our cookies and similarly, we have no access to other websites cookies.

We use two cookies.

Our shopping cart cookie:

  • This stores the SKU of the items you put in your cart and the quantities of each item.

Our web stats system cookie.

  • creates a picture of visits to our website; number of visitors, how long they stayed, how many pages they looked at.

The cookie contains:

  1. What ever it was that referred you to to our website - this helps us know if our advertising works.
  2. The number of times your web browser has visited us - shows us if people like us.
  3. The time, when your browser arrived and departed our website - give us an idea of when our busy times are.
  4. And that’s it, there's nothing else. It is all done anonymously. All our systems know is that there is a web browser at some internet address asking for web pages. We don’t know who you are, and without being rude, we don't need to - who you are is not important. The fact that somebody took the time to visit our little website is what matters.

You can set your browser to reject cookies if you do not want us to put cookies on your browser.

If you have any questions about cookies please contact us by using the contact form on our home page at

This policy was last reviewed and updated on 23rd May 2018.

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