Gripad is...

Easy to use

Easy to care for

Easy to...??

it does...


The hand isn't covered. Air can get in; it flows around the fingers and the back of the hand, cooling and refreshing. It just feels better!


Sweat from the hand is absorbed by Gripad which then evaporates to leave your hands dryer and more comfortable.


Having dryer hands means there is nowhere for odour causing bacteria to breed.


Gripads thick neoprene padding cushions the hand, protecting it from the pressure and friction which causes blisters and calluses.


Blisters & Calluses

A better grip means less movement. If there is less movement, there is less of the rubbing and abrasion that leads to blisters and calluses.



The dye used in some gloves can run leaving your hands stained at the end of your workout. Not a problem with Gripad.
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