Gripad IN Action


Air The hand isn't covered. Air can get in; it flows around the fingers and the back of the hand , it just feels better.
Soreness A better grip means less movement, less of the rubbing and abrasion that leads to soreness.
Blisters & Calluses Gripads thick neoprene padding reduces the friction that causes blisters and calluses.
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Very quick to deliver & after a public holiday better service than expected. Good product, better than gloves when lifting and pulling heavy weights. Don't hold odour either
For those that dislike training gloves and don't have chalk, check these out. A great alternative, and no more calluses and sore skin with gripping a heavy weight!
2nd pair of these. Best training mits ever - no more sweaty palms or as many callouses. Always recommending to the other guys in the gym. Thanks.
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